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The first step to your new home..

Buying a home during the cost of living crisis?
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The cost of living crisis is making it harder than ever for young people to buy a home. But it's not impossible. With careful planning and the right help, you can still achieve your dream of home ownership.

Our free guide, "First Time Home Buying During the Cost of Living Crisis," will provide you with information on everything you need to know about getting a mortgage as a young first-time buyer. We will cover topics such as:

  • How much can you afford to borrow?

  • What type of mortgage is right for you?

  • How to improve your credit score

  • The application process

  • What to expect after you're approved

We will also provide you with tips on how to find the best mortgage deal and avoid making any costly mistakes.

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Slaiyburn Financial Planning - First time buying

We specialise in providing independent mortgage advice in Huddersfield and surrounding areas, guiding you through the complexities of the mortgage market.

Enticing headline interest rates can sometimes be misleading, but our independent mortgage advice helps you avoid potential pitfalls. With access to a comprehensive range of products, including those from traditional high street lenders, and no ties to any specific provider, we are confident in our ability to source the best mortgage deals tailored to your needs.

Trust Slaiyburn Financial Planning to find the most suitable mortgage solution for you, often through exclusive products that might not be directly accessible. Experience the benefits of our expertise and commitment to securing the best mortgage deals for our clients.


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